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Floorstanding Speakers

QUAD Unveils Revela 1 and Revela 2 Loudspeakers

The Revela 1 and Revela 2 feature QUAD’s new true ribbon high frequency driver and midrange/bass drivers.

QUAD Revela 1 and Revela 2 Loudspeakers

QUAD has been rather quiet over the past 7 years with rather selective distribution of its loudspeakers here in North America. Products like the QUAD S2 were well received by the audio press, but MoFi Distribution did not push the brand as hard as Wharfedale, which is also part of its loudspeaker lineup.

QUAD has not been sitting on its hands though. The new QUAD Revela 1 and Revela 2 have been in the works for over four years and represent the brand’s first new loudspeakers since 2016.

These new speakers are built on classic technologies that can be traced back to 1949 with QUAD’s first speaker system, the Corner Ribbon.

QUAD Revela 1 Assembly Parts Exploded
The Revela 1 is a standmount speaker with a two-way driver configuration.
QUAD Revela 2 Assembly Parts Exploded
The Revela 2 is a three-way floorstanding speaker.


A core of both Revela models is the new QUAD True Ribbon high-frequency driver. This ribbon driver has evolved over the course of 70 years. This new version took four years to develop and Quad considers it the finest iteration yet.

The Revela’s True Ribbon driver delivers extended high frequencies that are audibly superior to typical dome tweeters, but also other planar driver types that are not ‘true ribbons.’ It works by positioning a ribbon of thin aluminum foil in a high-strength magnetic field, through which the audio signal flows from the amplifier.

Quad Revela 1 Tweeter and Midrange

The advantage of this design is that the audio signal energizes the diaphragm and does not suffer from the breakup modes and resonances encountered in domes and other planar types. 

Driven evenly over the whole radiating surface and having a mass that is typically one-tenth that of a dome tweeter means that the precision and transient response of the ribbon to the audio signal from the amplifier yields a cleaner, and more detailed sounding signal.

QUAD’s ribbon tweeter used in the original Corner Ribbon speaker, was relatively fragile, only handling up to 15W of power. The ribbon used in the Revela speakers has a reinforced, sandwich diaphragm that can handle the demands of modern music and the higher power output of today’s solid-state amplifiers without mechanical failure. The ribbon is able to respond to subtle waveforms and correctly relays recorded instrument harmonics and vocals providing a realistic sense of space, depth, and air.

QUAD Revela 2 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Pair Lifestyle
QUAD Revela 2

Mid/Bass Drivers

In addition to the innovative tweeter, QUAD has developed a new material for the Revela speaker mid/bass diaphragms. The new material is a formulation of wood pulp and artificial fibers named ‘Reveal.’ This combination is designed to provide natural, transparent, and detailed output. 

Paper cones have long been regarded as yielding excellent midrange performance and by adding artificial fibers like para-aramids to the pulp, the Reveal diaphragm is further damped and strengthened, providing superior bass control and smoothing upper-midrange resonances.

The Reveal diaphragm is incorporated into a driver built on a cast chassis and fitted with a high-power magnet and voice coils to achieve high sensitivity. 

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The Revela 1 features a single 165mm mid/bass driver, whereas the Revela 2 dedicates two 165mm drivers to bass frequencies with a 150mm unit handling the midrange.

The mid/bass cones have been matched to custom rubber surrounds that incorporate a damping layer at the junction with the diaphragm to absorb reflections that would otherwise cause resonances in the upper part of the frequency range. This allows the crossover slopes to be accurately matched for optimal integration with the ribbon treble unit, as well as providing a smoother and more open sound quality.

QUAD Revela 1 Stand-mount Loudspeakers Pair Lifestyle
QUAD Revela 1


The drivers’ output is combined via an Acoustic Butterworth crossover network, fine-tuned over hundreds of hours of listening tests to ensure a seamless blend between the drive units. The result is a dynamic and room-filling sound that transcends the speakers themselves, endowed with realistic pace, scale, and clarity.

The Cabinets 

The Revela cabinets incorporate stressed and braced panels with radiused edges to reduce unwanted diffraction effects. Around the back, bass reflex ports include longitudinal splines that help smooth airflow and increase efficiency.

Internal damping is formed from a mixture of acoustic foam and long-hair fiber, placed to absorb internal reflections and standing waves without obstructing the action of the bass reflex ports. 

In Revela 2, the midrange unit is housed in its own generously proportioned sealed chamber with foam and long-hair fiber damping arranged to optimize its wide frequency bandwidth.

Stands and Spikes

For the Revela 1, a pair of optional speaker stands has been designed to position the Revela 1 at the ideal listening height and manage the unwanted effects of vibrations and sound reflections. The stand’s main structure incorporates laminated wood for its torsional rigidity and self-damping properties.

This is lacquered to match the speakers and attached to a carbon steel base supported by four large stainless-steel spikes (spike seats are also provided for hard floors). 

The Revela 2 floorstanding speakers come with carbon steel plinths, stainless-steel spikes, and spike seats.

QUAD Revela 2 Floorstanding Loudspeakers Pair Lifestyle Green Wall
QUAD Revela 2

From QUAD’s Director of Acoustic Design, Peter Comeau: “QUAD has been responsible for many audio innovations since the mid-twentieth century. The ribbon tweeter is one such creation, and we are delighted to have developed a new version of QUAD’s ‘true ribbon’ driver as a centerpiece of the Revela design. Our Reveal cone material is another breakthrough, engineered to match seamlessly with the ribbon treble unit and ensure the listener revels in effortless drama and detail as music fills the room. These are QUAD’s first new speakers for seven years and we have worked tirelessly to ensure they embody the natural sonic realism that is the hallmark of QUAD, in line with the company’s traditional dictum: ‘The closest approach to the original sound’.

QUAD Revela 2 Loudspeakers Lifestyle Front


QUAD Speaker ModelRevela 1Revela 2
General DescriptionBookshelf/Stand MountFloor-standing
Enclosure TypeBass ReflexBass reflex
Speaker Type2-Way3-way
Woofer2 x 165mm advanced fiber cone
Mid-Bass1 x 165mm advanced fiber cone
Midrange1 x 150mm advanced fiber cone
Tweeter1 x 27x60mm true ribbon1 x 27x60mm true ribbon
AV ShieldingNoNo
Sensitivity (2.83V @lm)86dB89dB
Recommended Amp Power30-120w20-200w
Peak Power Handling120w200w
Peak SPL102dB110dB
Nominal Impedance6 ohms6 ohms
Minimum Impedance4.1 ohms3.9 ohms
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)54Hz – 24kHz40Hz – 24kHz
Bass Extension (-6dB)40Hz35Hz
Crossover Frequency2.9kHz650Hz, 3.8kHz
Cabinet Volume (litres)17.6L14.8L/28.5L
Dimension (HWD)395 x 246 x 312mm 965 x 350 x 325mm
Net Weight24.6kg/ctn31.8kg/ctn
Price (pair) UK£1,799£3,499
Price (pair) US TBDTBD

Availability and Pricing

QUAD products can be purchased through authorized UK dealers and Global Distributors and will initially be available in the UK at the following prices. US availability is currently unknown.

  • QUAD Revela 1£1,799/pair or £2,499/pair with stands

Tip: A new range of QUAD audio electronic components are set to follow the launch of the Revela speakers, later this year (2023).

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  1. Joseph S

    August 27, 2023 at 6:06 am

    When will marketers learn about proper loudspeaker placement and produce ads with more realistic speaker placements.

    • Ian White

      August 27, 2023 at 6:01 pm


      Advertising is about making a strong visual statement and if you expect products to be setup as they might be in your listening room — you’re going to be waiting a very long time for that to occur.

      Audiophiles already know how a product needs to be set-up but that might not be the best look for an ad.



  2. David Purton

    August 27, 2023 at 6:31 pm

    Quad for me are synonymous with “full range” electrostatic loudspeakers. Sure these are decent but “pure ribbon” is not unique in the market place. Regardless of the ribbon driver quality, dispersion matching to cone drivers at crossover is always a compromise. Creating a homogeneous sound with an even power response on and off axis is almost impossible. I guess time and markets move on, but I can still remember the sound of my stacked Quad electrostatics..and they had “pure ribbons” (Kelly) stuck between them. 2 x 15″s for bass, but that’s another story. Active system too, and that was 1976!! Hey Ho, 50 years on and the laws of physics still haven’t changed!

    • Ian White

      August 27, 2023 at 8:03 pm


      I owned a pair of the QUAD S2 for 15 months. Lovely speakers but the sweet spot was incredibly narrow with the ribbon tweeter.


      Ian White

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