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Every UST Projector Compared: 2023 Buying Guide

Compare every 2023 ultra-short throw (UST) 4K projector to decide which one is right for you.

Viewsonic X2000B-4K UST Projector with 100-inch Screen

TV manufacturers are convinced that consumers are ready to take the large TV plunge in 2023 and whilst some of the models that we examined at CES and CEDIA were extremely impressive, we are not sure that most are people are willing to spend that kind of money at this point. Not every model, however, will destroy your bank account. TCL now has three 98-inch 4K TVs priced from $3,000 to $6,000. However, LG’s top-of-the-line 97-inch M3 OLED TV will still set you back $30K. There is a lot of room in that range and that’s where Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors come into the picture.

At the 120-inch screen size, there isn’t a more affordable or easier alternative than an Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector with an ALR screen. There are a number of UST/ALR screen combinations that start around $3,000 and we expect to see more of them as the technology becomes more affordable.

What is an Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector?

An Ultra Throw Projector (aka UST) has a specially constructed lens assembly that allows images to be displayed from a very short distance, generally less than a foot away from the screen. This means instead of placing the projector far way behind the seating position, it sits close up below a screen without sacrificing image size. UST projectors can project very large images without taking much more space than a large TV. They are also great for those that have small rooms. 

BenQ V7050i UST Projector Screen Size Comparison

The key advantage of a UST projector with a screen is the substantial cost savings when compared to purchasing a flat panel TV sized above 85-inches. The next big advantage is the elimination of glare that plagues every glass panel.

Tip: All 2023 UST projectors offer 4K or 4K-like resolution via a process called Pixel Shifting. There are no 8K models yet for sale, although some have been announced.

However, there are drawbacks to 4K UST projectors. Their main enemy is light in the room. Specialized ambient light-reflecting (ALR) screens can mitigate the problem, but as with any projector, they still look best in a darkened room.

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T Ultra-short Throw Projector
Samsung The Premiere LSP9T Ultra-short Throw Projector

Having reviewed The Premiere by Samsung LSP9T 4K UST Projector, we can attest that watching movies on a 103-inch screen is even more enjoyable than a near pixel-perfect 65-inch Sony OLED 4K TV. Bigger is just better.

Tip: UST Projectors are sometimes referred to as Laser TVs (such as Hisense models).

Although the Samsung LSP9T is one of the best, it’s also the most expensive, which opens the door to a lot of competition.

One very affordable competitor that was chosen as the best Triple Laser UST at the 2023 Laser TV Showdown held by Projector Central and was the Formovie Theater T1 which has a surprisingly low $2,999 price tag.

Formovie T1 Theater Laser UST Projector

The Samsung LSP9T and Formovie T1 are just two possible choices as there are now well over two dozen models to choose from, which can be quite overwhelming.

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4K UST Projector Comparison Chart

Since we have reported on many USTs, we thought it would be great to provide a guide that lists the brands and models, some of the key features, plus a link back to our more detailed articles on each brand and model reported. 

Click the brand/model of each projector for more details in our original article or click the price to check current pricing and availability.

Pricing as of November 2023

ProjectorMSRPLight EngineLumens (ANSI)SoundOSSize
AWOL LTV-2500$2,999Triple Laser2,6002 x 18 wattsAndroid80-150″
AWOL LTV-3000 PRO$3,999Triple Laser3,0002 x 18 wattsAndroid80-150″
AWOL LTV-3500 PRO$5,999Triple Laser3,5002 x 18 wattsAndroid80-150″
BENQ V5000i$3,499Triple Laser2,8002 x 5 watts plus 2 x 15 watts subwooferN/A70-100″
BenQ V7050i$3,999Laser / Phosphor2,5002 x 5 wattsAndroid90-100″
Epson LS500$3,199Laser 3LCD4,0002x 10 wattsAndroid70-130″
Epson LS650$2,700Single Laser3,6002 x 5 watts full range and 1x 10 watts subwooferAndroid TV60-120″
Epson LS800$3,499Laser 3LCD4,00020 watts totalAndroid80-150”
Formovie C3$1,899Single Laser2,2502 x 15 wattsFengOS 3.080-120″
Formovie Theater  T1$2,999Triple Laser28002 x 15 wattsAndroid80-150”
Hisense L5H$2,999*Laser / Phosphor2,70040 watts totalAndroid100/120″
Hisense L9H$4,999*TriChroma Laser3,00040 watts totalAndroid100/120″
Hisense PL1$2,499Single Laser2,1002 x 15 wattsGoogle TV80-120″
Hisense PX1$2,498TriChroma Laser2,00030 watts totalAndroid100 – 120”
Hisense PX1-Pro$2,999TriChroma Laser2,20030 watts totalAndroid90-130″
Hisense PX2-Pro$2,999TriChroma Laser2,4002 x 15 wattsGoogle TV90-130″
JMGO U2$2,999Triple Laser2,40050 watts totalLuna OS100″
Leica Cine 1$9,495TriChroma Laser3,0002 x 25 wattsGoogle TV100 or 120”
LG HU715QW$2,499Laser / Phosphor2,50020 watts x 2WebOS80-120″
LG HU915QB$6,4963-Channel Laser3,0002.2 channels, 40 watts totalWebOS90-100″
LG HU915QE$5,9963-Channel Laser3,7002.2 channels, 40 watts totalWebOS90-120″
Nexigo Aurora Pro$2,999Triple Laser2,4002 x 15W Woofers, 2 x 15W TweetersAndroid80-150″
Optoma Cinema X D2$2,499Dual Core Laser3,0002 x 10 wattsNone85 -120”
Optoma Cinema X D2 Smart$2,699Dual Core Laser3,0002 x 10 wattsAndroid  (w/dongle)85 -120”
Optoma CinemaX P2$3,299Single Laser w/ 6-SegmentColor Wheel3,00040 watts totalAndroid85-120″
Samsung LSP7T$2,999Single Laser2,2002.2 Channels, 30 watts totalTizen90-120″
Samsung LSP9T$6,499Triple Laser2,8004.2 Channels, 40 watts totalTizen100-130”
Ultimea Thor T60$4,999Triple Laser4.9992 x 15 wattsAndroid80-200″
Vava Chroma$3,599Laser / Phosphor1,8002 x 30 wattsAndroid80-150″
Viewsonic X2000B-4K$2,399Laser / Phosphor2,0002 x 25 wattsAndroid65-150″
XGIMI Aura$2,349Laser / Phosphor2,4004 x 15 wattsAndroid80-120″

*Includes screen.

Note: As new projector models are released, we’ll attempt to keep this list up-to-date, while also removing models that become discontinued. Pricing noted as of November 2023, but may very due to promotion or market conditions.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phil Davis

    November 11, 2023 at 2:21 pm

    I bought an Epson laser projector
    directly from Epson for under $800.
    Works fine….any of these pricy front
    projectors will get U a better view
    of every flaw on a woman’s face….etc
    I don’t need that.

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