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TAD CE1TX Loudspeakers: Editor’s Choice 2023

Reference quality resolution, timbre, clarity, detail, and the most accurate imaging we’ve ever heard from a stand-mounted loudspeaker. Expensive as hell but the TAD CE1TX are world class.

TAD-CE1TX Stand-mount Loudspeakers

After editing William Jenning’s rather enthusiastic review of the TAD CE1TX, I made a point of booking some time with them at CAF 2023 and came to the realization that his commentary was pretty much on target.

A trade show is not the ideal place to judge any component, but one can tell if something is a lot of hype if the rest of the system is up to the task and using your own music — it really falls flat.

The TAD CE1TX are $35,000 USD without the stands, which is enough to make one flinch, even before adding up the rest of the electronics and cabling in the system.

TAD CE1TX Loudspeakers Lifestyle

The near field listening setup made for a rather intimate session and whilst the TAD are a tad too revealing and incisive for my own personal listening, there is no question that they deliver state-of-the-art detail, clarity, bass response, and force.

You hear every last detail on the recording and the sense of scale is dramatic — William happens to enjoy listening to large orchestras and rather wonderful classical symphonic recordings so I totally understand why these loudspeakers left such an impression.

The CE1TX revealed details in each recording that other loudspeakers and headphones have failed to reproduce and it only reinforced our belief that these stand-mounted loudspeakers might be one of the most accurate sounding loudspeakers available. 

Being able to reproduce music at this level comes with a rather significant asking price and that clearly puts them out of reach for most people. 

TAD logo

Technical Audio Device Laboratories (TAD) has been in existence since the 1970s and this high-end offshoot of Pioneer has developed a global reputation for audio engineering excellence; the products were originally designed for studio applications but once audiophiles were afforded the opportunity to experience them in home settings — the chase was certainly on.

Some have made the comparison that TAD’s current lineup represents Acura in the Honda hierarchy, but that is not a very accurate representation of the differences. Current TAD models are more akin to Honda’s F1 race car compared to the Honda Civic if we are being truthful when comparing Pioneer and TAD. 

TAD-CE1TX Stand-mount Loudspeakers Black

The Compact Evolution One (CE1TX) are marketed as a “bookshelf” speaker, but a quick look at the dimensions and physical weight of each loudspeaker puts an end to that concept rather quickly. 

The aforementioned $2,500 pedestal stands are optional but feel rather mandatory if you wish to maximize the performance of these loudspeakers; each loudspeaker is 20″H x 12″W x 18″D and 64 lbs apiece. 

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Each stand weighs almost the same as the loudspeaker they are supporting and these proved to be a two-person effort when it comes to placement and adjustments. 

Not only are the TAD CE1TX larger and heavier than almost everything in the category but rather distinct looking; the front, top, and rear surfaces of the cabinet are finished with real hardwood with a piano black surround. The gloss finish appears to be wet and one can look almost endlessly into the wood. 

TAD and Sonus faber seem to be on the same wavelength in that regard.

Utterly gorgeous looking loudspeakers that will floor you with their resolution and power.

For more information, visit or check out our full review of the CE1TX

Where to buy$35,000/pair (locate dealer)

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