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Spotify and TikTok Are Integrating A New Music Feature Whilst A New Hi-Fi Tier Remains An Illusion

Now you can save songs directly from TikTok into your Spotify account, eliminating the need to switch apps to find a song.

Save Spotify Songs From TikTok App

3 years. Yes…it has been that long. Some of us remember when Spotify paid Billie Eilish a huge sum of money to promote their new Hi-Fi tier. That same one after numerous teases that has never materialized.

Can we just be honest about it? Outside of audiophiles, very few people care about hi-res audio streaming. Those of us who pay monthly for TIDAL and Qobuz are a rather distinct minority.

Revenue growth for Spotify will not come from offering 16-bit/44.1kHz or higher streaming, but from increased traffic and collaboration with platforms like TikTok.

Spotify and TikTok Logos

In the meantime, Spotify has made some interesting announcements such as making a major payout to the music industry and increasing subscription prices as well as making minor tweaks to its existing service. 

Most recently Spotify has introduced a feature that allows users to save songs playing on TikTok directly to Spotify

Spotify Free and Premium users in the U.S. and U.K. are now able to save songs they hear on TikTok straight to the Liked Songs playlist within their Spotify Library without having to switch apps. 

From Sten Garmark, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Experience at Spotify: “No matter where you are, or the moment you’re in, we want to create less work to get to the audio you love…That means being everywhere our users are and creating seamless ways to save songs to Spotify to enjoy when and how they choose to listen…As the world’s largest audio-streaming subscription service, our mission is to bring artists and fans together so you can listen to more of what you love, across any platform or device. Essentially, you won’t need to find audio to suit the moment. It will find you.

How it works?

How to Save Spotify Save Songs From TikTok App Screens

Make sure your Spotify and TikTok mobile apps are updated.

Step #1: Set Spotify as your default streaming service on TikTok. This can be done the first time you use the new feature by tapping “Add Song” in the main TikTok feed and selecting Spotify, or under the Settings page on TikTok under Music.

Step #2: Automatically save songs to Your Library by tapping the “Add to Spotify” button in TikTok. On Spotify, you’ll find all your newly saved tracks in your Liked Songs playlist. 

Tip: You can also use the “Add to Music” app feature from an artist’s Sound Detail page.

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The Spotify/TikTok integration is available via Android and iOS in the U.S., UK, Canada, Japan,  Germany, France, Italy,   Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, Colombia, The Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Bonus: Spotify with BeReal

Spotify integration was also announced earlier in 2023 for the BeReal app.

Tip: BeReal is a photo-sharing app that allows users to post one photo per day to show followers what they are doing in real-time. When using BeReal users can also include Spotify.

Connect Spotify and BeReal Accounts

How To Connect Spotify and BeReal Accounts 

Option #1: Tap on the music icon that’s shown before posting their BeReal. 

Option #2: Within the BeReal app, navigate to “Settings,” then “Music,” and follow the prompts to connect to Spotify. 

Once the accounts are connected, BeReal will automatically pull in the song or podcast you’re listening to on Spotify at the time you capture a BeReal. You’ll see the cover art of the audio you’re listening to at the bottom of your camera lens.

Check out what others are listening to on your BeReal feed. You’ll also be able to listen to a preview of what they’ve shared. Spotify with BeReal adds another layer of personalization and connection when using BeReal.

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