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HEOS Unveils a Badly Needed Update For Its Wireless Audio Platform

HEOS competes with Sonos to simplify whole-home audio connectivity. It works across Denon, Marantz and Definitive Technology’s range of soundbars, AVRs and wireless speakers.

HEOS App Home Screen 2024

Wireless multi-room audio platforms are now a ubiquitous way of providing home entertainment. Currently, there are several platforms to consider including Sonos, MusicCast, Play-Fi, and Bluesound.

Denon also developed its platform, referred to as HEOS (Home Entertainment Operating System) which it introduced in 2014 and went through a revamp in 2016. Just like other platforms, HEOS works through a Wi-Fi network. It is also compatible with Bluetooth. 

Tip: HEOS is incorporated into several Denon and Marantz audio products (more on that later).   

HEOS App Update 2023

HEOS App Features

The operational core of HEOS is the HEOS app (iOS, Android). It lets you find and link all your HEOS-enabled devices and manage your streaming sources and content.

Some of the available streaming services include Amazon Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, Spotify, and TIDAL. In addition to music streaming services, you can use HEOS to access and distribute music from locally stored content on media servers or PCs.

Digital music file formats supported by HEOS include MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, DSD, Flac, WAV, and WMA.

You can also use HEOS to stream audio from physically connected sources (CD player, turntable, or audio cassette deck) that may be connected to a HEOS-compatible AVR to any HEOS wireless speakers around the house.

Denon HEOS Diagram

HEOS Stereo: HEOS can stream music to a single, pair, or group of HEOS wireless speakers. Listeners have the option to experience stereo music listening by streaming to a pair of compatible HEOS wireless speakers. 

HEOS and Surround Sound: If you have a compatible soundbar or home theater receiver, check to see if HEOS surround is supported. If so, you can use two HEOS-enabled wireless speakers as surround speakers with compatibility with both DTS and Dolby Digital surround.

All that sounds great, but up until now, HEOS has not been as flexible as the control apps for several other platforms. 

New HEOS iPad App
The new HEOS iPad App

With that in mind, Masimo (owners of HEOS, Denon, and Marantz) has announced a major visual and functional update to the HEOS app.

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According to Masimo, the update is the result of customer feedback and commitment to reliability, connectivity, and providing users with more quality music streaming options.

Music, and not just control, is now front and center, making it easier to access songs, radio stations, and podcasts. 

HEOS continues its compatibility with an array of speakers and soundbars, courtesy of its integration with our Denon and Marantz AVRs and network amplifiers. Also, you can connect up to 64 compatible devices in a HEOS system.

Updated Features 

HEOS App Home Screen Top

Enhanced Home Screen: The  Home screen serves as a personalized music hub. Users have instant access to recently played tracks, favorite music, and preferred music service content. Users can also control their music by curating HEOS playlists. Mix and match media from various streaming platforms to create a playlist that matches your mood. To sum it up, the Home Screen provides users with more personalized music listening and organizing options. 

HEOS App Add More Music

User Interface: The user interface of the HEOS app has been updated with a fresh, user-friendly design that makes navigation more intuitive and visually pleasing. A “Now Playing” display has been added to the bottom of the screen so users can keep track of currently playing music from anywhere within the app.

Universal Music Search: The HEOS makes searching for music easier by including search results from multiple streaming sources and libraries so users don’t have to jump around to find the songs they want to listen to.  

HEOS Multiroom Control

Additional Functionality: The HEOS update also improves device accessibility, rock-solid wireless surround technology, enhanced login security, uninterrupted playback, streamlined in-app controls, flawless audio synchronization, seamless in-app messaging, and more. 

HEOS Products

HEOS Products 2023 models

HEOS Wireless Speakers

Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver Angle
Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver

Denon AVRs/Soundbars

Marantz Cinema 40 AVR Silver Gold Angle Left
Marantz Cinema 40 AVR

Marantz AVRS


Owners of HEOS enabled products can find the free app via Apple’s iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Firmware from 14.12.2023 (U32)

HEOS iOS App: 3.1.231 – Supported from iOS 15.0
HEOS Android App / Kindle Fire App: 3.1.241 – Supported from Android 8.0
HEOS Firmware: 3.1.232

  • New Feature: Apple Siri Support for Denon Home products (Excluding Denon Home Subwoofer).
  • New Feature: Dirac Live Bass Control for compatible AVR/AVC devices. 
    • Tip: In addition to “Dirac Live Room Correction“, purchasing a license for “Dirac Live Bass Control” will add “Dirac Live Bass Control” to the filter options available in Dirac Live software.
  • New Feature: Add “Bluetooth Transmitter” function – DNP2000 & PMA900HNE
  • Fixed: “USB error -519” will be indicated when browse the folder includes the two period ( “..” ) characters in the directory name
  • Fixed: Album Art is not present when playing MP3 music via USB Stick
  • Fixed: After update to U30, Bluetooth pairing with Windows PC is not possible
  • Fixed: AWA music service is shown on TV GUI and AVR Display while playing a song includes “awa”
  • Fixed: The power icon does not appear on the Room screen and the power cannot be operated only PMA-900HNE
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    December 23, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    I downloaded this update to my iPhone, iPad and Spamazon Fire Tablet. So far…so good! It really does improve on an already easy to use system. Gosh…I doubt I will ever need Romper Roon. Yeah. I am such a heartless individual.

    In a similar vein, Grace Digital has updated the remote application for some of its Internet Radios/Streamers/Tuners and it too is excellente’!

    Both company’s updates make things not only look better but work easier. I have Grace Digital on my Headphone setup in one room with my Emotiva XDA-2 fed coaxially because of two things – One the is no toslink output on the Grace Link and two, I don’t think Toslinkally is really a word.

    Talk about musicalifragglerockishexpealidocious?

    In the other I am working on my vintage setup with my Sony STR-6800SD and Dual Turntable and one of my Pro-Ject Beatles ‘tables as the Sony has Blunder Twiin-Spin Powers with two phono inputs. This system is another part of my home’s HEOS setup.

    ORTson “Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing.” Welles

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